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Using Music in Leadership Class

There are lots of great ways to use music in leadership class.


Service Songs of the Week.  Looking for a bit of inspiration to get your class thinking about a particular topic or just to get them fired up?  Youth Service America publishes a National Service Briefing that includes a service song of the week on a YouTube channel. It’s a great collection of inspirational music videos with such tunes as “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls, “Shed a Little Light” by James Taylor, “When We Stand Together” by Nickelback, and “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer.


Check out these lessons that use music to teach something about leadership:

This great lesson from California leadership teacher Bill Battaglia asks students to imagine their life was being made into a movie and create the soundtrack to that movie.  They must come up with 10–12 songs that will become their personal soundtrack.

Looking for a song with a particular message?  Check out this list of songs categorized by theme, compiled by Ann Knell.

In Songs of Leadership, students evaluate aspects of leadership that are important to them and practice presenting something in front of a group in a creative manner in this lesson.

This lesson from veteran leadership class teacher Karen Dawson (Washington, MO) asks students to find a song with a leadership message and relate it to themselves. This song form accompanies the lesson.



Leadership Songs

My good friend and leadership teacher Lori Kiblinger from Kansas sent me some great songs for use in leadership class. Here are 20 of them.


What's your favorite song for leadership? Let us know!

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