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Leadership Defined

An original lesson developed by participants at the TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Course Teacher Academy, this lesson focuses on defining what leadership looks like in the students' eyes.


Leadership Skills/Styles Lessons

Lessons in this section focus on teaching about leadership, leadership styles, and what it takes to be an effective leader.


Shaping Leaders


An original lesson developed by participants at the Oregon Leadership Teacher Institute, this lesson focuses on identifying the differences between autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership styles.


What Is Leadership: Mix It Up


An original lesson developed by participants at the MASSP/MASC/MAHS Leadership Class Academy, this lesson engages students in a discussion of qualities of leadership and invites them to consider what qualities are most important for an effective leader.


Leadership Book


This lesson from Katie Keyes (Keller, Texas) has students create a children's book about leadership and teach a lesson with it to local elementary students.


Elements of Leadership

This lesson from CASAA can be used as an exploration of what makes leadership, or it can be a lesson
on how to break a difficult task into manageable amounts.






Leadership Song

This lesson from veteran leadership class teacher Karen Dawson (Washington, MO) asks students to find a song with a leadership message and relate it to themselves. This song form accompanies the lesson.

Leadership Styles

These lessons seek to encourage some discussion about the nature of leadership, such as what the characteristics of a 'good leader' are, as well as why there might be different -- and equally appropriate -- leadership options for the same situation.

Leadership Attributes

This lesson introduces the main principles of leadership and helps students define some of the key attributes of an effective leader.

Leadership Book Review

Designed to  expand students' awareness of the wealth of material available in the areas of leadership and personal development, this assignment requires students to read a leadership book and report on it.


Multimedia Leadership Lessons

Here is a list of multimedia art activities that can be used to explore the theme of leadership.


Quality Leadership

WASC has sample lessons from its Building Leaders for Life curriculum on its website, including one  designed to determine the components of quality leadership.  Check here for these great lessons from WASC.

Leadership Self Assessment

Find a short version and a long version of leadership self-assessments designed to provide you with feedback about your level of preference or comfort with leadership characteristics and skills.

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