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High School Homecoming Idea Place


Homecoming activities at many schools tend to be very similar from year to year, with traditions including such things as spirit days, bonfires, pep rallies, parades, and dances.  The challenge for student leaders and their advisers is to come up with new ideas to make the old traditions exciting each year. If you're looking for new and different ideas to spice up your school's Homecoming Week, you've come to the right place! (Editor's note: this page is under construction, so check back regularly for additional information and links.)

Spirit Week Planning

Homecoming spirit week is a great opportunity to crank up school spirit and get students involved. There are many elements involved in planning a great spirit week:

Selecting a theme

Dress-up days

• Class competitions

Parade Ideas

Whether you are the person charged with organizing the parade itself or just trying to organize your class or club to build a float to participate, there's a lot to do to have a parade.

Organizing a Homecoming parade

• Building a float for a parade

Pep Rally Ideas

If you are responsible for helping to organize the Homecoming pep rally, your challenge is to plan it so it is interesting and builds spirit, runs smoothly, and justifies the time spent out of class.

Planning a pep rally

• Rally ideas

Spirit Week Activities

Other activities during Homecoming spirit week often include:

• Dance

Service projects

• Powderpuff game

King and Queen Coronation

Homecoming Halftime

• Bonfire


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