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Grading Samples


Leadership Teacher invites visitors to this site to share samples of forms and rubrics they use in their leadership class, as well as descriptions of how they calculate grades.  This is an area that many teachers struggle with, and we would love to have lots of samples to offer for ideas.  If you would like to submit something, please send it to Lyn Fiscus at the email address listed on the footer of this page.


Leadership Development Inventory: This is a sheet used quarterly in Lyn Fiscus' leadership class. The teacher would fill it out and ask the students to fill it out about themselves, then they would conference to discuss the student's performance and compare their assessments.  This counted for 1/3 of the student's grade.


Weekly Evaluation Form: With students in leadership class often doing different work, it becomes a challenge to keep track of everything.  Use this weekly self-evaluation form from Lyn Fiscus for students to record the work they are doing in different areas.


Weekly Evaluation:  Erika Holotik from Nevada shared this weekly evaluation form that her students fill out.


ASB Class Grading: Kyle Svoboda from Traweek Middle School in California shared his system for determining grades in his leadership class and a worksheet for calculating grades.


Project Grade Sheet:  This form from Sandy Kurland in California can be used to grade students on projects for which they have served as chairperson.


Project Evaluation—Committee Members: Use this form to allow members of a committee to detail what they did to help an activity be a success and receive points for it toward their class grade.


Service Hours Log:  This log and rubric for tracking required hours of service comes from Rio Norte High School in California.


Commissioner's Grading Sheet:  Evaluate how well commissioners are doing their jobs with this form from Sandy Kurland in California.


Committee Chair Evaluation:  Give committee members a chance to evaluate the chair of a committee they worked on with this form from Sandy Kurland in California.


Take 10 for Leadership: Katie Keyes from Keller, Texas, shared this grading tool where students choose 10 items from a list of possible activities to submit for a grade. For variations on this idea check out the following:

Student Leadership Portfolio:  NASC has created a rigorous and challenging skill and knowledge-based recognition program that allows student leaders to use the distinction of "Distinguished Student Leader" on their transcripts. As part of the application process, students create a personal leadership portfolio that some teachers use as part of their leadership class grading process. 


40 Alternative Assessments for Learning: Looking for some alternative forms of assessment?  Check out these creative tools -- while they aren't specific to leadership class, you can get some good ideas to adapt for your class.




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