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Day-to-Day Structure


The day to day structure of leadership classes varies on a continuum from a focus on planning activities and projects to a focus on straight curriculum.  Most classes fall somewhere in between, with a combination of lesson plans and activity/project planning. 


Teachers structure their day to day schedules in the following ways:


  • Activities Focused -- In this structure, the leadership class is an activity-based period in which student leaders -- often elected student body and class officers -- carry out the work of their office by planning activities and programs for the school. Lessons happen on an ad-hoc basis or are sporadically offered.


  • One Day a Week for Lessons -- In this option, the teacher designates one day a week as a classroom lesson day.  Everyone knows that Tuesday, for example, will be focused on learning some aspect of the leadership curriculum.  The other days of the week are devoted to working on various projects that are underway at any time of the year.


  • Committees, Lessons & Projects -- In this structure, certain days are designated for committee meetings and lessons, and the rest of the time is for project planning.


  • Quick Lessons Every Day -- Another way in which teachers fit curriculum into a mostly activities-based class is to offer quick lessons at the beginning of each class and then let students use the remainder of the class period for project planning.


  • Straight Curriculum -- In this structure, leadership class is much like any other class offered by the school, with students taking part in teacher-led lessons each day.



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