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Dress-up Day Theme Ideas


Looking for some different ideas for your spirit week dress-up days?  Keep in mind that you will get more participation with easier, lower-risk themes than ones that require a lot of effort and a higher risk that others will laugh at your effort. Try some of the following ideas:


Multi-Color Day—wear as many different colors as possible

Spots and Stripes Day—wear spotted or striped clothing or a combination of spots and stripes

College Gear Day—featuring hats, shirts and other college gear

Safari Day—everything from low-key khakis to more creative safari gear with hats, binoculars, etc.

Multiplicity Day—like twin day, but match as many people as you can

Hat Day—go beyond baseball caps and find something different

Sunglasses Day—find your coolest or most unusual shades to wear

Stuffed Animal Day—everyone has a favorite stuffed animal they could bring

Surf, Snow, and Sun Day—covers a lot of different outdoor activities

Extreme Weather/Weather Disaster Day—wear raincoats, boots, etc.

People-At-Work/Construction Day—clothing appropriate for a construction site

Profession Day—dress like what you want to be “when you grow up”

Fake an Injury Day—fake any injury with bandages, crutches, casts, etc.

Grandparents/Senior Day—dress like senior citizens

Thrift Store Day—dress in outfits from the thrift store

Fashion Disaster Day—dress in deliberately unfashionable clothes

Garbage Day—outfits designed out of plastic garbage bags

Duct Tape Day—outfits designed out of duct tape

Celebrity Day—dress like your favorite celebrity or celebrity look-alike

Around the World Day—dress up from different countries

Jokers Are Wild Day—dress as playing cards or card-related games

Favorite Character/Author Day—dress as a favorite character from literature, or a favorite author

Tacky Tourist Day—dress up as a tourist with camera around neck, sunblock on nose, crazy tourist clothing

Under the Sea Day—dress up as a fish, mermaid, shell, fisherman, or anything sea-related

Salad Dressing Day—people dress like their favorite salad dressing: Ranch (Cowboy), Caesar (togas and sandals), Thousand Island (Caribbean/Hawaiian), Blue Cheese (Blue), French (berets and fashionable clothes), House Dressing (school colors), etc.


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